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Our Services

Have you made up your mind to pursue an MBBS/MD degree abroad? Of course, but you have a lot of apprehensions about how to proceed and what formalities have to be adhered to, then you certainly need our help and guidance to reach your goal in a hassle-free manner.
Sunrise Star Overseas Education Consultancy understands your subject preferences and provides you with the best guidance to achieve your dream career seamlessly. Our expert education consultants work to provide advice, free counselling, and support in the entire admission process and ensure that all the doubts and concerns about overseas MBBS/MD education are clear.
Our skilled education consultants understand the mind-set of the students and provide them with counselling and admission guidance, that will enable them to get admission to the best medical university abroad.
We guide the students and their parents for a smooth admission process and help them with various affordable, safe, and convenient stay options and many such things.
Overseas admission requires the furnishing of sequence of documents. Most of the time, students and their parents get confused about the documentation process involved in the overseas MBBS/MD admission.
Sunrise Star Overseas Education Consultancy guides you in furnishing all the documentations in a systematic & hassle-free manner.

Following are the services which we provide to the students

Career Counselling

It is said that – 'It is certainly not hard to make decisions, once you know the suitable options before you and learn how to proceed with those options'. Here comes the role of a good education counsellor. Our expert and trained education consultants help the students to make the correct career decisions. For this, they help them understand their career needs and subject preferences by guiding them for a self-assessment approach. We advise medical aspirants to know their needs, subject choices, and professional goals to choose the perfect course for themselves and achieve their dream career.

Student Profile Analysis

Today, we have umpteen medical courses. Many students are unaware that the leading medical universities abroad offer many lucrative medical courses that the students want to pursue. Our experts review the medical applicant's educational background, analyze their NEET scores, and guide the suitable medical course that best suits their subject preferences and needs. Before suggesting you any university and a course, our highly trained counsellors review student’s qualification, knowledge, interest, ambition and match them with the best possible options available. We make sure that the students have a thorough understanding of medical studies before applying for admission to the best medical university of their choice abroad. Expert counselling and guidance help medical students in making informed career decisions.

University Selection

We guide the students to select the best medical universities abroad. Our education consultants provide ins and outs of the leading universities abroad. In addition, they suggest the students about the admission process of the particular medical university abroad, its teaching system, fee structure, hostel facilities, and all the aspects that concern their medical career. Proper guidance and expert advice will help students make flawless career decisions to choose the best medical institution to pursue their dream career.

Documentation Assistance

  1. Passport assistance: We guide you throughout the process of passport application. The passport is provided on an urgent basis if the student has the admission letter with them. Our educational consultants ensure that you get the admission letter from the medical university abroad in which you have enrolled. We also provide you with guidance on how to face the visa interview with confidence.
  2. Legalization of documents: We guide you with all the document-related procedures required to complete the admission procedure, including an attestation of the documents, translation of documents, etc.

Application & Admission Assistance

Our education consultants understand the needs and study preferences of the students and then help them select the right medical university abroad. Choosing the right university in sync with the requirements is the first and foremost aspect on the road map to their medical career. Our skilled consultants very well verged with this and guide the students to apply to these universities. When we see the students receiving an invitation letter from the university where they have applied, we are overwhelmed and perceive it as our success. We have achieved a high number of successes in this regard. The admission process for MBBS/MD abroad can be often stressful and long. Our experienced counsellors provide proper guidance and advice and make sure that your entire admission process is without any stress and in a hassle-free manner.

Visa Guidance

Getting a visa and passport is always an arduous task involving a tiresome and lengthy process. Our expert counsellors have all the knowledge in this regard and can guide the students with all the required formalities. In addition, we follow a professional and approved method that will help you move your papers more quickly ahead in the visa office to get your visa earlier.

Pre-Departure Briefing

At Sunrise Star Overseas Education Consultancy, we provide our students with some of the following pre-departure guidance & support:
Students usually have apprehensions and doubts about their chosen country to pursue their medical career. Our trained counsellors guide them with all the inputs about the country, including its climate, safety aspects, living standards, the local language, and many more. They may also provide you with the travelling guidelines as many of the students might be travelling such a distance by plane for the first time. Knowing about the place beforehand builds confidence and wipes the fear in the minds of the students. Our counsellors meet the students in person and guide them with all the formalities required for admission to the best medical universities abroad and clear all their issues before their departure.

Post-Arrival Assistance

At Sunrise Star Overseas Education Consultancy, we provide our students with some of the following post-departure guidance & support:
  1. We provide transportation facility for the student from the airport to the city of the University.
  2. We help the student for hostel registration & accommodation facilities.
  3. We systematically collect & compile all the documents required for the admission process and make sure the admission process goes smoothly at the university.
  4. During the admission process, medical insurance is one of the most important document & getting further 6 year residency/visa or long term multiple entry visa. We help in getting it done for our students.
  5. We guide students about the hostel mess enrolment.
  6. We further help the parents of our students to furnish their one year multiple entry visa process. So that they can meet their children during the duration of their course.
  7. We take progress reports of our students at regular intervals regarding their studies, attendance, academic performance and inform their parents regularly. We also make sure that the students are well settled there and have no concerns whatsoever about their course, stay options, or the university they are studying at.
  8. Seeing our students choose the best university abroad in sync with their study preferences and have a comfortable stay, is our main aim and priority for which we work day in and day out. We are always on our toes to guide our students at any time and in any emergency.


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