Why Study Abroad?

Why Study MBBS/MD Abroad?

Admission to the Indian medical colleges is like winning on a war front. The cut-throat competition, fewer seats available against the number of applicants, quota system, huge donation amount, and high tuition fees in the private medical colleges all make it challenging for many deserving students to get admission in the good medical college of their choice in India.
However, as it is said that – ‘There is always a light at the end of the tunnel’, similarly for such stellar students who failed to get admission in the good Indian colleges of their choice, MBBS abroad is the best and feasible option to go for.
The top ranked medical universities abroad provide the best quality education at affordable tuition fees and without any donation and help you pursue your dream career.

So - Why Study MBBS/MD abroad?

  1. Admission in the Top-Ranked medical universities: Studying MBBS/MD abroad expands your admission options in the top-ranked medical universities, whose degree is valued all across the globe.
  2. World-Wide Recognition: The medical universities abroad are recognized all across the globe for their best quality medical education and the great hands-on training facility they offer to their students.
  3. All the top medical universities abroad are approved and recognized by leading organizations like WHO, IMA, NMC, ECFMG, FAIMER & MCI (Medical Council of India). Such a global recognition epitomizes that the degree from such medical universities is recognized all across the globe.
  4. Accreditation: Medical universities are approved & recognised by Ministry of Education & Science, Ministry of foreign affair & Ministry of health of the countries.
  5. High level of practical & research oriented training.
  6. Comprehensive clinical training in several specialized government hospitals.
  7. The Medium of Teaching is English: All the medical universities offered by us have English as the medium of their instruction. There is no compulsion on the students to learn foreign languages. The English language as a medium of instruction helps the Indian students comprehend the concepts taught by their tutors easily. Thus, the language is certainly not a barrier to MBBS/MD abroad education in the best medical universities.
  8. No Entrance Test: Entrance tests at times take on the nerves of even the bright students. Most of them tend to score low marks, and this slackens their morale. The best aspect of pursuing an MBBS/MD degree abroad is – No Entrance test. Many universities do not ask for any entrance examination results like IELTS, TOEFL, or any language test. University only conduct formal written test before the admission.
  9. No Donation: Indian private medical colleges demand huge donation money while admitting students. Because of this, many deserving and ambitious students fail to get admission because they cannot afford the hefty donation amount. However, foreign medical universities never demand any donations or additional fees. Students are required to only pay for the tuition fee of the university.
  10. Affordable Structure of Tuition Fees: Most student’s lookup for alternative career options just because they cannot afford the high tuition fees. The medical universities abroad are a ray of hope for such NEET qualified and stellar students. The finest medical universities abroad offer the best quality medical education to the students at very affordable tuition fees.
  11. Future Prospect after MBBS/MD: After completion of MBBS/MD, students are eligible for various exams such as PLAB, USMLE, NEXT (MCI screening test) and also student can pursue their PG from India & other countries. After MBBS/MD course Students may appear in NEXT exam to practice as a doctor in India.